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Welcome from the Program Director
Dr. Janet Tate

If you have a bachelor's degree in physics, you know that physics is a fundamental scientific discipline that is at the core of most modern technology. Applied Physics takes that fundamental knowledge and translates it into technology and systems that drive our economy. Applied physicists study photovoltaic technology, optoelectronics, energy and communications systems, imaging of cells and nanostructures, and many other subjects. Your technical knowledge, along with your skills in mathematics, computation, instrumentation and scientific problem-solving, place you exactly at the right place to manage the complex interface between science and commerce and industry. With your background, you can find an exciting career in virtually any activity where success depends on identifying and exploiting new technical knowledge. Industry leaders tell us that our dynamic, technologically-based economy needs scientifically educated men and women who understand fundamental scientific principles, who have the ability to re-educate themselves in a constantly changing technical landscape, and who can effectively communicate across the lines of specialization.

The new Professional Science Master’s Program in Applied Physics is designed to meet this challenge. If you want to lever your physics education into a career at the interface between technology and business, I invite you to check out our web site or email me directly to learn more about our program.

Program Director:
Dr. Janet Tate
Oregon State University
Department of Physics
301 Weniger Hall
Corvallis OR 97331
Phone: +1-541-737-1700
Fax: +1-541-737-1683
E-mail: tate@physics.oregonstate.edu

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