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This program is currently going through the PSM affiliation process at the Council of Graduate Schools.

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Welcome from the Program Director
Dr. Selina S. Heppell

PSMFWA is a unique program designed to meet the continuing education needs of professionals in natural resources management and conservation. Oregon State University’s Professional Science Master’s program and E-campus Distance Education program are at the cutting edge of higher education, following a growing national movement in support of innovations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) instruction. PSMFWA offers working professionals an opportunity to enhance their competitiveness through a flexible, mostly on-line program that emphasizes communication, business and leadership skills as well as advanced instruction in science and human dimensions. Our graduates will create new networks among natural resource agencies and non-governmental organizations through their internships and on-line interactions. Every PSMFWA cohort will be unique, but all will contribute to a new generation of innovative leaders in the science and management of fisheries and wildlife.

I welcome you to our academic family in Oregon State University’s Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, a top-ranked program that is “home” to our undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff. We aspire to excellence in everything that we do, and strive to provide all of our students with the best education, training and advising in the field. Personal communication is paramount to our efforts, and we hope you will join our Facebook and chat groups to keep in touch. We value your experience, ideas, and contributions to our program. I look forward to interacting with you regularly as you plan your coursework and internships, working with your graduate advisor and our skilled academic advising staff to develop a program that fits your schedule and professional needs. Welcome to PSMFWA!

Program Director: Professional Science Master’s in Fisheries and Wildlife Administration
Dr. Selina S. Heppell
Associate Professor
Distance Education Program Director
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
Oregon State University
104 Nash Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone: (541)
Email: Selina.Heppell@oregonstate.edu

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