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Professional Training

Six courses form the professional core of Oregon State University’s PSM programs, and they are also collectively offered as an 18-credit Graduate Certificate in Management for Science Professionals. Students deepen their technical expertise in science and expand the breadth of their skills and understanding of communication, business processes, and sensitivity to complex ethical issues.

The goal of OSU’s PSM programs is to produce graduates who can bridge the gap between the worlds of science and business in the workplace. Case study projects and a minimum 3-month internship experience in lieu of thesis research highlight the integration of these concepts.

The Graduate Certificate program was developed for scientists as well as professionals working in science-related fields, like veterinary medicine or environmental education. The program provides the skills and knowledge needed for both personal development and career advancement. All of the courses can be completed on campus or online.

All students enrolled in either a PSM or the Graduate Certificate program are encouraged to participate in an orientation workshop just prior to the start of fall term, whether courses will be taken online or on campus.


Learn more about the professional courses:
Communication & the Practice of Science (COMM 550)
Research Ethics (PHL 547)
Accounting & Finance for Scientists (PSM 565)
Project Management & Marketing Scientific Technologies (PSM 566)
Innovation Management (PSM 567)
Professional Skills (PSM 513)